Solid Impressions

When you are shipping products, do you include a simple thank you? You might be surprised by what a difference it can make. Most buyers open the box, take out their purchase, and recycle it with little thought. But opening the package to find a thoughtful and beautifully printed card can change that experience and win you a loyal customer.

Take the example of a nursery selling everything from flowers to vegetables to decorative succulents. Let’s say a customer is looking for asparagus roots. They go to Amazon, put “asparagus roots” into the search box, and see page after page of images of asparagus plants (along with pricing). All asparagus looks the same on the surface, so with little to differentiate one plant from another, the buyer makes a selection based on price, quantity, and customer reviews and may not even pay attention to the name of the nursery.

At first, a nondescript package arrives in an Amazon Prime envelope like any other Prime order. Then, out drops a beautifully printed card with “Thank you!” in a large, handwritten script. Around the “thank you” are a series of personal notes:

Hi, My Name is Reebock.

Beneath that is written, in a lovely script:

Veteran-Owned Business

Thank you for supporting our plants.

The card includes an invitation to visit the nursery’s website and YouTube page for planting instructions, then to send pictures of the plants once they grow.

Suddenly, the nursery is no longer interchangeable with any other greenhouse. It has become personal. The grower has a name, the buyer knows they are supporting a veteran, and the buyer has been invited to share a unique experience with other growers. The chance that this buyer will return to that nursery next time they want vegetables is much higher — all because of a simple “thank you” card.

How could you use thank you cards to engage your customers and create a personal connection? Need help printing your custom thank you cards give us a call or visit our website. We are here to help.