Solid Impressions

To set up a Canva document for print, follow these instructions.

  • Open Canva.  Launch Canva ( in your web browser and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, create one.
  • Create your design.  Create a new design by clicking the “Create a Design” button in the upper right corner. Choose from the available templates based on your needs, or select “Custom Size” from the bottom left of the drop down menu. **If you are creating a custom size, be sure to input the dimensions in inches.
  • Enable Bleed (if required).  This is only needed if you want your artwork to extend to the edges of the document. Bleed is the additional art that extends beyond the document edges to be sure that there are no white borders when the document is trimmed.  To enable bleed, click the “File” menu, “View Settings,” and “Show Print Bleed.”
  • Design Your Content. Start designing! Be sure that all text and graphics are a minimum of 1/8” (.125) from the edge of the document so they don’t get trimmed.
  • Use high resolution images. For printing, it is crucial to use high resolution images (minimum 300 dpi) to ensure crisp, clear prints. Avoid using low resolution graphics and images as they may appear pixellated or blurry when printed.
  • Review and Export. Double and triple check your file for errors, typos, or design inconsistencies. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Share” button in the upper right corner, then follow the directions in the graphics above.
  • Upload Your File. Upload your file to our website. If the file is larger than 135MB, please use a file sharing site like Dropbox or WeTransfer to share the file securely.


4th of July Schedule: Reduced Production July 1-3, Closed July 4 & 5